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Eleon Green Olives

The Eleon Halkidiki olives are distinguished for their size and taste. The hand-harvested olives are carefully selected so that only the perfect fruit will proceed to the curing stage. Following the local traditional method each olive is slit and placed in brine to mature. For the following three to four months the Eleon Halkidiki olives are cured only with water, salt and time. The slit allows the brine to penetrate the flesh of the olive thus removing the bitterness of the fruit while preserving it. When ready, the olives are as crisp and succulent as when freshly harvested but without the bitterness..

Enjoy them with an aperitif, in pastas and pizzas, salads, sandwiches and pastries.

Available size: 370ml.

The producer

Mediterranean Natural Foods is a Greek company founded in 2012. MNF has since launched the Eleon series comprising of premium natural products from the Greek tradition. Sourced from selected growers and manufactured at MNF’s impressive premises, Eleon series abides by the highest standards of food production. Following strict hygiene practises, MNF also boasts a fully equipped laboratory for individual in-situ quality testing. The fusion of advanced food handling techniques with the wisdom of the traditional methods deliver the acclaimed quality of the Eleon series.

Mediterranean Natural Foods premises

Mediterranean Natural Foods premises