Eleon Olive Oil

The Eleon extra virgin olive oil is truly outstanding. Its’ extremely low acidity of 0.18% is a testament to the care and expertise behind its production. The olives are harvested by hand, just before reaching maturity. The cold pressed extraction lasts less than 40 minutes with a maximum temperature of 25°C. Any higher or longer and the oil's quality would be compromised.

The Eleon extra virgin olive oil comes from the island of Crete. It is a monovarietal olive oil of the Koroneiki variety with deep aromas of freshly cut olives. Its clear flavours develop gradually revealing a strong peppery finish. The aftertaste is superb, lingering in the mouth for long after the initial impression. To appreciate Eleon’s full potential use it raw in salads and starters or pour it over your dishes to enhance their flavour.

                                                                                                                        Available size: 500ml.

The producer

Mediterranean Natural Foods is a greek company founded in 2012. MNF has since launched the Eleon series comprising of premium natural products from the greek tradition. Sourced from selected growers and manufactured at MNF’s impressive premises Eleon series abides by the highest standards of food production. Following strict hygiene practises, MNF also boasts a fully equipped laboratory for individual in-situ quality testing. The fusion of advanced food handling techniques with the wisdom of the traditional methods delivers the acclaimed quality of the Eleon series.

Mediterranean Natural Foods premises

Mediterranean Natural Foods premises